Working in Guernsey

If you are not an island resident but want to apply for a job in Guernsey you need to ensure that you will be able to find accommodation.

Only people with valid housing licences issued by the States of Guernsey Housing Authority can remain in the island and they must leave the island when the licence expires.

For seasonal work, such as in the catering or growing industries, licences for periods of up to nine months are available.
Longer licences of up to three years are also available for people working in these industries.
These licences do not cover dependants.

For jobs in other sectors, such as the finance industry, the Housing Authority issues ‘essential’ housing licences. These are generally sought by the employer and are tied to a specific post.

Essential licences are generally issued for periods of three or five years and they are renewed only rarely.
In exceptional circumstances the Authority issues a permanent (ie 15 year) licence to employment, covering an employee and his/her spouse and children. If the family completes the 15 year residency they earn local residential qualifications.

All employed people in Guernsey have to obtain a Right to Work document to prove that they are legally housed in the island. Employers have a legal requirement to ensure that all new employees have a Right to Work document.

If a job advert does not make it clear that the position is open to non-locals, check with the advertiser regarding accommodation and housing licence requirements.

More information for people looking to live in Guernsey is available from the States of Guernsey Housing Department in the ‘Housing Control’ section. This can be found on the States of Guernsey’s site, here.

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